Cleaning for a Cause…… The backstory to this initiative.

*Posted June 2016

Something to give back…
Over the years we have taken the opportunity to give back to our community.

We have given away Christmas trees to families in need of a little Christmas cheer for several years now ( ). That initiative started with 1 tree and has grown to nearly 100 trees annually given out. The pure joy that comes over families faces, because of a simple gift of a tree at Christmas time, is priceless.

Last year, following or Christmas tree give away, I purchased a pile of Meijer gift cards and set out to our local Meijer. Myself along with my 2 sons and all of the Crystal staff had the pleasure of passing them out to unsuspecting shoppers. It was a great success and very gratifying, as well as a great lesson for my kids and employees of how good it feels to make someones day a little better.

The most amazing opportunity that I have had the pleasure of taking part in, was the local rally of support for an amazing family, that was going through a very difficult time. When our local community bonded together to help out the Offrink family. I wanted to do something to help. We were fortunate enough to be able to donate 100% of our profits for a couple months to this family in their time of need. Though I never had the opportunity to meet Shelby, all of the story’s her friends shared and pictures of her smiles throughout her hardships were inspirational. She was obviously a much larger spirit that her body could handle, with her passing just over a year ago, to continue her Angels work from heaven. She hopefully can see from heaven the impact that she placed on so many lives, even those that never even met her. With Shelby as an inspiration, I have been in the works on Crystal Carpet Care’s, Cleaning for a Cause initiative. Over the past 20 years that I have owned Crystal, that time of trying help a family in need, was the most gratifying time that I’ve been in business. With that heart warming feeling, Cleaning for a Cause was derived.

We hope to have the opportunity to help out families that could use a little uplifting in a time of need. If you know of someone that could use a little help, please take a minute to look at our Cleaning for a Cause page. There you can read more about the initiative as well as find a nomination form, to fill out online, for the family that you would like to help.